Anthony Baxter 


Anthony Baxter is the award-winning director of You’ve Been Trumped, also produced by Montrose Pictures, which was named best documentary of 2012 by Mark Kermode of the BBC, and which won 10 other awards around the world, including the at the Hamptons International Film Festival. The film was released theatrically in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Australia, and played on the BBC 2 to large audiences (well over a million viewers), and later on Netflix, and also on television and cable in the United States, Canada, Sweden, Israel, New Zealand, Australia and other countries. The film was the subject of favourable reviews and coverage in all British broadsheet newspapers, and also the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, the Village Voice, and Variety in America. It was one of the last films reviewed by the late Roger Ebert, who gave it the thumbs up. Baxter also has numerous credits as a director and producer on Channel 4 and the BBC. 

Richard Phinney


Richard Phinney (Writer and Producer)  has enjoyed a 30 year career as an award winning film-producer, journalist, author and director and producer, with his work appearing on the BBC, Channel 4, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and broadcasters around the world. He is also the author of three books about golf in Ireland and Scotland.

Lauren Simpson

Associate Producer

Lauren was the producer of award winning Just Do It - a tale of modern-day outlaws which premiered at Sheffield Doc/Fest in 2011. The film inspired people across the world during an extensive cinema  and university release in the UK, DVD release with Dogwoof and hundreds of community organized events and film festivals  across the world. Lauren has recently returned from two years permaculture research and volunteering in Central and South America and is excited to join the A Dangerous Game team.

Dominic Glynn


Dominic Glynn is one of Britain’s most prolific composers of production music. His work can be heard in hundreds of films and TV productions worldwide, as diverse as "The Simpsons", "Red Dwarf" and "Dead Like Me" and in movies such as Eddie Murphy/Jeff Goldblum comedy "Holy Man” and the award-winning “You’ve Been Trumped”. More recently his music features in the official trailer for the latest Brendan Gleeson/Chris O’Dowd film “Calvary”. A familiar name to "Doctor Who" fans, Dominic is one of the few people to have arranged the theme tune to the classic TV series.